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Orland French and Wallbridge House Publishing

Wallbridge House Publishing is operated by Orland French, a former journalist and columnist with The Globe and Mail. He was also a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award in 2013 and the Governor-General's Caring Canadian Award in 2014. Many of the books listed on this site have been authored and produced by Orland French and his wife Sylvia under the name of Wallbridge House Publishing. Mr. French has also been a journalism professor, and has been involved in preserving history through the Hastings County Historical Society, the Old Hay Bay Church board of trustees, and the Ontario Historical Society.

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From Farm Field to a French Grave

A hundred years ago, my Uncle Oscar French was torn with a difficult decision. He was attending high school in Midland, Ontario but his buddies were going off to fight the Kaiser in Europe. The war won his attention. In the spring of 1915, he enlisted for service in the Canadian Army. Two years later he died at Vimy Ridge.

The previous year, on July 28, 1914, Oscar, then 16, was quietly doing his chores on the family farm near Waverley. That day Austria declared war on Serbia and began bombing the capital Belgrade the next day. The bombing set in motion a chain of events that would engulf the world in war and lead to Oscar's death. Oscar probably knew almost nothing of Serbia and Austria but he would be drawn to the battlefields of Europe and a grim death at Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917. Uncle Oscar wrote a series of letters to his mother, my grandmother, which are chronicled in the forthcoming book Letters to Vimy. To read more, CLICK HERE.



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The Fantastic Life of an Ace Feature Writer




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In the Works

The Frontenacs: the geological past and the potential future of Frontenac County

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At the Call of King and CountryPeople of Hastings County in the Great War 1914-1918

The battlefield scenes of the First World War were landscapes of mayhem and carnage. "The air is so full of shot and shell I don't think a fly could come across without getting hit," one soldier wrote to his wife. He did not return from the war.

Author Bill Kennedy, a director of the Hastings County Historical Society, has compiled a series of stories of men and women of Hastings County who served overseas in the Great War, also known as The First World War. Some of them returned to Hastings, many were killed during the conflict. The book was produced by the Hastings County Historical Society to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the war in 1914. Paperback, $20.

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The Story of a young Ukrainian who Spied for the Soviet Secret Service
For most of his life Ukrainian-born Andy Klischenko carried a secret about spying for the Soviet Secret Service during the Second World War. Eventually he spent time in a German labour camp, and later made his way to security in Canada. Although safe in this country, he did not reveal his story until recently for fear of recriminations against his family in Ukraine. However, he was surprised to receive medals from both Ukraine and Canada for his wartime contribution to the Allied cause. Written by Lorraine Fell of Baptiste Lake, this book was launched on August 16, 2014. $15 plus shipping and handling: Canada $5, U.S. $7. Order HERE More information HERE


Andy Klischenko died on Jan. 2, 2015. A tribute from author Lorraine Fell can be found HERE


 Wind, Water, Barley & Wine
The Nature of Prince Edward County (CLICK HERE)
This book chock full of stunning colour photos brings you the history of Prince Edward County as seen through the lens of geology. What made the Sandbanks? What made the terroir that creates tasty wines? What created conditions for growing great barley and apples and cherries? Why do so many people visit the County for a holiday...or to find a permanent residence? Find out HERE.
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 Books Among the Artwork
Paulette GreerSales success of any book often depends on a good relationship between book publisher and/or author, and the person who sells the book to the public.
Paulette Greer of SideStreet Gallery in Wellington has enjoyed steady sales of Wind, Water, Barley & Wine. Her store offers a wide variety of local pottery and artwork, and is a favourite destination of tourists visiting Prince Edward County. Find out more at www.sidestreetgallery.com.
Wallbridge House Publishing has been building contacts with the owners of sale outlets in Prince Edward County and beyond. To meet some of them, click HERE. One of our most prolific outlets has been Books & Company in Picton, which has sold more than 460 copies of Wind, Water, Barley & Wine appeared in mid-2013. That represents a phenomenal sale in an independent book store in a small town in a limited market. Actually, with new tourists every year, the market for this and similar County books is almost limitless.

History comes alivewith Wallbridge House Publishing

Our company produces history books that people will read for enjoyment and entertainment as much as for information. Text and photos are presented in a lively fashion, drawing readers into the book. Dry history comes alive through the extensive use of "people" pictures and personal anecdotes. History becomes irresistible.

We help others create history books, whether they are a corporation commemorating an anniversary or a community celebrating its history. CONTACT US to see how we can help you prepare your history book and preserve your history in the permanence of a printed book.

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This site is constantly under development by Wallbridge House Publishing. Please check back frequently for improvements, additions, more book listings and further information. Our goal is to make this an on-line bookstore and publishing centre you will enjoy browsing through for information and book selection.






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