Before you start

Save time, save money with professional help
Thinking about preparing a community history book? Bogged down in your current project?  CONTACT Wallbridge House Publishing. Our experience can save you months of project time and thousands of dollars in expenses. We have 20 years of experience in helping communities develop successful and beautiful history books. To see a list of our projects, click HERE

A successful book publication project requires a great deal of careful planning. A lack of awareness of the challenges of publishing can lead to frustrating delays and costly errors.

We can provide everything from overall project management to assistance with specific phases:
• Developing a theme
• Determining the size and scope of your project
• Determining your market and potential sales
• Organizing your project
• Creating a management committee
• Providing editorial direction
• Copy editing and proofreading
• Creating a design
• Finding a suitable and affordable printer
• Advising on marketing and sales

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