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History is where you find it

One of my favourite quotes about the simplicity of history is this one from Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock: "I did not realize that the Gravestones, Prince Edward Countysold grave that stood among the brambles at the foot of our farm was history."

Imagine the scene. You pass by the old grave day after day, until one day you stop and ask, Who is buried there? How long as the grave been there? Were they pioneers? Are they my relatives? Once you start asking these questions, the rest, as they say, is history...

In this section we will explore the various stages of researching and writing a history book. It is a complex process but it will be very, very rewarding when you clasp the finished book to your bosom and say, "I wrote this!"

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Some tips on publishing:
Why publish your book?
Getting started
Setting a deadline
What does printing cost?
Calculating your budget

Tales from the publishing trail: real experiences from the life of a book consultant.

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Photo: Gravestones, By Chadsey's Cairns, Prince Edward County. Photo by Orland French