About Us
What is Wallbridge House Publishing?

Wallbridge House Publishing, located in Belleville, Ontario, specializes in producing local history books. Recently these have included Lennox & Addington, The Heritage Atlas of Hastings County and a biography titled The Remarkable Journey of Maurice Rollins, the entrepreneur who gave travellers the Journey’s End motel chain. Click here for an expanded list of publications.

 Who is involved in Wallbridge House Publishing?

Orland and Sylvia French are experienced writers and editors who contract with other photographers and writers to produce works of excellence. Orland has more than a decade of experience preparing history books for publication by the community history department of Canada’s largest book manufacturing company. He also has an extensive journalistic background as a writer with the Kingston Whig-Standard, the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail. He has also taught journalism at Loyalist College, Belleville, and was Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Regina. MORE DETAILS HERE:

Sylvia provides assistance as editorial consultant, proof-reader, fact-checker and business records-keeper.


What can we do for you?

We can produce a book for you from the research and writing through to printing and delivery to your door. Or we can help you with part of your project: writing, editing, proof-reading, design, printing. We can provide overall direction as experienced project consultants.


 How do you start a book project?

Invite Wallbridge House Publishing to discuss the project and make a proposal. CONTACT US

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