Belleville  a Popular History

Dundurn Press, Natural Heritage Books, 2008, ISBN 978-1-55002-863-8, softcover, 310 pages

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By Gerry Boyce
Murder, mayhem, prostitution, politics, scandal, spiritualism ... it's all here.  Author Gerry Boyce wanted to call this book "Stuff the Chamber of Commerce Won't Tell You!" But the publisher opted for a more benign Belleville A Popular History. And it was, too the hardcover edition sold out in no time. This old Ontario town on the Bay of Quinte has a colorful past which Boyce, a local historian, has mined for a treasury of lively and intriguing tales of rogues, rascals and other prominent public figures.

Gerry Boyce has been active in historical circles in Belleville and the Bay of Quinte area for more than 55 years. He was instrumental in developing the Hastings County Historical Society, Hastings County Museum, Glanmore National Historic Site and the Hastings Heritage Centre. He is a former history teacher and city councillor. His other books include Historic Hastings, Hutton of Hastings, and Eldorado: Ontario's First Gold Rush.