GTA Commuting Questionaire for Watershed Article

July 25, 2017


My name is Orland French and I am writing an article on commuting for Watershed Magazine. I would ask you to consider and reply to the following questions relating to this article. As my deadline is fast approaching, I would appreciate answers as soon as possible. You need not answer all questions. Include your name and job description with your comments. Please understand that if I use your comments I will be using your name. If you do not wish to participate, simply send me a “no thanks”.


1. Describe your commute from your home to your destination in Toronto: car/rail/TTC/walk components. On average how long is the commute? How many hours a day in total?


2. If by rail, how do you use the time while commuting: reading and writing e-mails, reading on-line newspapers, scanning Facebook, researching material, napping, thinking and strategizing while looking out the window, chatting with friends, social networking on the train, other.


3. Did you have your job in Toronto before moving to the country? Did you acquire the job while living in the country? (country includes residences in towns and villages outside the GTA).


4. How many days a week do you work in Toronto? If less than five, on your home days, are you working from a home office? Does your employer gladly expect you to work from home, or grudgingly allow you to do so?


5. How critical is a good Internet connection to your job? How would you rate your current Internet connection?


6. Do you ever consider working entirely from home for your employer in Toronto? Is that possible? Could it be done with one commute a week?


7. What do you estimate your monthly commuting costs to be (rail: mileage to station, parking fees if any, train fare, TTC fare if applicable; car: mileage, parking fees)


8. How many days a month would you use an alternative to your regular transportation, for special reasons: i.e. car instead of rail, rail instead of car.


9. Is the quality of health care in rural areas and small towns a concern for you?


10. What trade-offs in lifestyle have you made; e.g., perhaps not having as much choice of cultural events or fine dining.


Other comments: Your opportunity to rhapsodize about clean air and sunshine or rant about township snowplows and frozen switches.


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