Life on a Press Pass

Canadian Photojournalists Lynn and Doug Ball

Wacky, outlandish, spirited and daring: these are appropriate adjectives to describe these two brilliant news photographers who photographed the Boomer years for all of us. Through the four decades from 1960 to 2000, the Ball Brothers snapped shots of royalty, prime ministers, pop singers and protestors, Olympics and elections. They captured top news stories on film for their Canadian audience. Doug arguably changed the course of a Canadian election with one famous shot of a fumbled football. For anyone over the age of 40, this is your life in pictures!

ISBN 0-9688255-4-0

Black and white and colour, 266 pages, hardcover

Price: $50



Stories through the Lens
The lenses of news photographers Lynn and Doug Ball, each brothers to each other, captured the story of Canada through the last 40 years of the 20th century. Their images are matched with zany stories of how they covered the news. Life on a Press Pass can be purchased here.