Wind, Water, Barley & Wine – The Nature of Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is known to visitors and residents alike as "The County”, a unique and historic peninsula jutting into the embrace of Lake Ontario. Settled in the 18th Century by United Empire Loyalists, this little Garden of Eden has become a destination vacation land for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Its vineyards and wineries, its Caribbean-like sandy beaches, its friendly small towns and isolated rocky coves attract vacationers from all over eastern North America. They come with dreams of relaxation, they leave with fond memories.

 Wind, Water, Barley & Wine examines how natural forces and evolution influenced the growth and development of The County. The 160-page illustrated book takes you back to the beginning of time, when the gases of young and expanding universe coalesced into a rocky sphere whirling through space around the sun. Colliding continents, ancient warm seas and frigid glaciers scraped and moulded the landscape of The County. But nature is not static. The County we enjoy today will become unrecognizable in the millennia ahead.

 A group of writers and photographers well-known to residents of the Quinte area are contributing to this work. This book will be available in the summer of 2013. Meet our publishing team HERE

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Photos from The County
Prince Edward County is one of the truly remarkable beauty spots on the face of Ontario. Jutting out into Lake Ontario, the raggedy pensinsula resembles a jigsaw puzzle on a field of blue. Loyalists settled here in the 1790s but lately retirees from Toronto and other large urban centres have discovered its peacefulness and tranquility. Photographs in full and vibrant colour will appear in the upcoming publication called Wind, Water, Barley and Wine. Watch for it in 2013. Click on the photos below for a larger picture and description.