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The Frontenacs

A publication project of the Frontenac Axis Group, a subdivision of Wallbridge House Publishing

Frontenac County, a vibrant rural community in Eastern Ontario, is about to be portrayed as a geological wonderland in a new history book project. With more than a thousand lakes, it is a most beautiful yet rather reclusive natural area of southern Ontario. One of its most spectacular geological features is the famous cliff of Bon Echo, seen in the photo sbove looming over Mazinaw Lake in shadow in the early morning sun. Mystical and mysterious, Bon Echo has been beckoning poets, writers and artists to its secretive soaring heights for more than a century. The cliff face provided a palette for ancient native artists and today's artists follow the same muse to Bon Echo.

The book will mark the 150th anniversary of Frontenac County. Founded in 1791, Frontenac split off from its twin constituents, Lennox & Addington Counties, in 1865.

The Frontenacs will explore the geologic story of this sprawling county, how its natural features affect its development, and how the county expects to expand and grow in its next century and a half. This book joins a line of other county histories produced by Wallbridge House Publishing of Belleville: Heritage Atlas of Hastings County, Lennox & Addington, and Wind, Water, Barley & Wine, the Nature of Prince Edward County.

For a beautiful video portraying the grand nature of Frontenac County, go HERE. Photos by Darko Zeljkovic; video by Joe VanVeenen

For photos of the Frontenac Family Day, go HERE. Photos and video by Joe VanVeenen.

Photo Gallery of Frontenac coming soon

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