Wind, Water, Barley & Wine

Wind, Water, Barley & Wine tells you what’s under your feet and all around you in The County! The natural elements of water, wind and rocks determine where we live, what we grow, where we work and how we play. This exciting new hardcover book reaches back to the earliest formations of the Earth to draw a close connection between the people of Prince Edward County and the precious peninsula they inhabit. Lavishly illustrated with colour photos, maps and charts, Wind, Water, Barley & Wine brings you closer to the natural heartbeat of The County.

Covering topics such as:

  • Our Cosmic Origins in Deep Space
  • How Terroir affects the Taste of Wine
  • Faults and Pop-ups beneath our Feet
  • How the Ice Age gave us the Sandbanks
  • Life-saving Lighthouses
  • The Mysteries of the Marysburgh Vortex
  • Aboriginal Life on the Peninsula
  • The County’s Throngs of Bird Species
  • Aboriginal People Found Prince Edward
  • The Everchanging Nature of Wildlife
  • Articles by Peter C. Newman,
    Terry Sprague, Orland French,
    Lindi Pierce
  • Photos by Darko Zeljkovic,
    Joe VanVeenen, Orland French
  • Geological charts by Dugald Carmichael
And More
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160 pages with over250 photos& maps!