What is Ta-Pocketa-Pocketa?

The title of this book, Ta-Pocketa-Pocketa, is based on a James Thurber short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a meek little man who led a humdrum life. Mitty escaped from boredom through his wild imagination in which he could be anything from a brilliant surgeon to a daring pilot.

 Ta-pocketa-pocketa was the sound of mighty machinery echoing in Mitty’s mind as he pursued his fantastic adventures.

 He should have been a feature writer.

 A feature writer can meet kings and queens, prime ministers and pro wrestlers. Movie stars, rock stars, astronomers who study the stars and astronauts who reach for the stars are all within their grasp. They can climb high mountains, dive deep in submarines, hunt polar bears from chattering choppers in the frozen Arctic and ride across sun-seared savannahs on the backs of lumbering elephants. They can afford fabulous resorts, superb spas and luxurious cruise liners, all on someone else’s dime.

 Feature writers like Ron Truman enjoy in real life whatever they can dream up and sell. Unlike Walter Mitty, they actually do the adventure and get paid for it. Feature writers use their imaginations to think up ways to achieve their Mittyesque desires, then they put forth their best writing styles to promote their work and entertain their readers.

If they’re good at their trade, the assignments keep rolling in with regularity, ta-pocket-pocketa, pocket-pocketa, ka-ching, ka-ching. Then, when the journalistic game becomes old hat, they have acquired a reputation that has people inviting them to do exciting things for real, not just for another story.


Ta-Pocketa-Pocketa is a collection of memoirs after a career that was all over the map. People who enjoy adventure can read the book for its anecdotes. Those with a more serious bent can read it for what insights it offers into a number of topics including:

The impact of post-1960s environmentalism on the fur industry, hunting and traditional conservationists

The rise of Tim Hudak to Leader of the Opposition in Ontario

The impact of 911 and SARS on Ontario`s tourism industry

  The development of some aspects of parks policy in Ontario

  The evolution of some aspects of Ontario`s electricity policy

  How Ontario fell into the trap of pursuing renewable energy to the point that it has nailed down a position as a have-not province for the foreseeable future

The lifestyles of Native peoples along Hudson Bay just before satellite television and wireless communication became available


When will this book be available?

Writing and editing will be complete Aug 1, 2015.

Two versions of this book will be produced – a full version that will go into the provincial archives and an abridged version for general sale.

What format will it be in?

  As an e-book as well as a limited number in traditional print.

Can I read samples from this book?

• Polar bears HERE

Skiing adventures HERE

Changing Technology HERE